VGP Fortnightly Talks (Semester I), Room 303-G16:

10/03/20 Tuesday: Daniel Bertin

17/03/20 Tuesday: Nathan

24/03/20 Tuesday: David Farsky

07/04/20 Tuesday: FoE Speakers

28/04/20 Tuesday: Phil Shane & Daniel Bertin

12/05/20 Tuesday: Alec Wild & Sophia Tsang

26/05/20 Tuesday: Lena Ray






School of Environment Postgraduate Research Showcase:

3 October:

The annual Postgraduate Research Showcase will be held in The Fale Pasifika (20-26 Wynyard Street City). This is an all-day event, with oral presentations by PhD students across all disciplines during the day, and posters by our Honours and Masters students at midday. Tea and Lunch are provided with drinks and nibbles back at the 6th floor of building 302 following the event.

VGP postgraduate students that will be presenting include Emily Limage, Seethal Sivarajan, and Sophia Tsang. To the full list of talks, click here.

Please join us on 3rd October!


VGP ad hoc seminars:

10 October:

12:00 pm (421W-301)

Dr. Anke Zernack, Massey University
Evaluating post-depositional disturbance of distal tephra records: A case study of the Laacher See Tephra at Paddenluch and Krumpa, Germany

26 September:

12:00 pm (439-G10)

Ashleigh Fromont and Karl Wright, GNS
Introducing the National Geohazards Monitoring Centre: Using the Earth Sciences to keep Kiwis safe


VGP Fortnightly Talks (Semester II):

24 October:

12:00 pm (302-130)

Daniel Bertin
Volcanic hazard assessment in distributed volcanic fields: The MatHaz code

17 October:

12:00 pm (303-610)*

Alec Wild
AVF evacuation clearance time modelling

Kate Cocker
Crystals in andesite magmas; where do they come from?

19 September:

12:00 pm (302-130)

Ben Simons
When Yasur goes boom

Alex Davidson
A fresh approach for assessing the chemical susceptibilities of road aggregates through the application of geochemical techniques

22 August:

12:00 pm (302-130)

David Farsky
Chemical and petrological characterization of the Rat Creek Tuff (Colorado, USA) and insights into upper crustal magma storage and transport

8 August:

12:00 pm (302-130)

Associate Professor Phil Shane
Mantle influence on magmatism at arc volcanoes: can we see it?

Emeritus Associate Professor Ian Smith
Geochemical patterns of Late Cenozoic basaltic volcanism in Northern New Zealand and their relationship to the behavior of the mantle

July 25:

12:00 pm (302-130)

Associate Professor Jan Lindsay
Overview of the second phase of the Resilience to Nature’s Challenges Urban theme

Dr. Geoff Lerner
Booms in the Basement: Breaking Hydrothermal Breccias in Bavaria


May 22: PhD Seminar

4:00 pm (302-G20): Ayrton Hamilton
Siliceous sinters as dipsticks to epithermal mineralization


VGP Fortnightly Talks (Semester I):

June 6:

11:00 am (302-140)

Emily Limage
The distribution, environmental mobility and seasonal variation of volcanogenic metal concentrations in soils: A case study from Tanna, Vanuatu

May 23:

11:00 am (302-140)

Sophia Tsang
Updating the Lava Flow Modelling in the DEVORA Scenarios

Leonie Peti
Itrax µ-XRF core scanning for rapid tephrostratigraphy: A case study from the Auckland Volcanic Field maar lakes

May 9:

11:00 am (302-140)

Jie Wu
Crustal conditioning leading to caldera-forming eruptions in the long-lived Jemez Mountains volcanic field

Danielle Charlton
Exploring the impacts of future volcanic unrest for Campi Flegrei caldera, Southern Italy

March 28:

11:oo am (302-140):

Shannen Mills
Insights into the largest plinian eruption from Tuhua (mayor) island 7647 years ago

Shane Cronin
Geothermal New Zealand: Rotokawa

March 14:

11:00 am (302-140):

Daniel Bertin
The Puna plateau: ca. 25 Ma of ongoing volcanism

Melanie Kah
When contaminants interact with particles: potential for remediation and risk mitigation



February 21: PhD Seminar

4:00 pm (302-G20): Geoffrey Lerner
Applying multiple methods to understand lava dome growth and destruction, Mt Taranaki, New Zealand


February 8: Research Seminar

1:00 pm (302-G20): Dr. Simon Peacock, University of British Columbia
Seismicity, Petrology, and Hydrogeology of the Cascadia Subduction Zone





October 18: School of Environment Research Showcase

9:30 am (Fale Pasifika – 20 Wynyard Street): PhD talks and Masters and Honours posters

Earth Sciences seminars:

2:00 pm: Leoni Peti
Orakei maar paleolake: Composite stratigraphy of a long lake sediment core

2:15 pm: Mai Sas
Development and application of MC-SIMS as a tool for obtaining Sr isotopes in plagioclase

2:30 pm: Mirja Heinrich
Understanding the maximum-likely eruption hazards of Mt. Tongariro

2:45 pm: Jie Wu
Mineral evidence of pre-caldera magma petrogenesis in the Jemez Mountains volcanic field, New Mexico, USA

3:00 pm: Alisha Coote
Ascent of magmas beneath monogenetic volcanoes in the bay of islands and Auckland


VGP Fortnightly Talks (Semester II):

October 11:

12:oo pm (302-130): End of Year Celebration

September 13:

12:00 pm (302-130): Mai Sas, University of Auckland
Isotopic records of Okataina volcanic minerals 

August 22:

10:00 am (302-G20): Cities on Volcanoes practice talks, University of Auckland researchers

Sophia Tsang
Possible Subterranean Effects of Lava Flows: The Application & Verification of a Lava Flow-Subsurface Heat Transfer Model

Alec Wild
Development of an evacuation decision-support framework for volcanic crisis management

August 16:

12:00 pm (302-130): Cities on Volcanoes practice talks, University of Auckland researchers

Geoff Lerner
Building a high-precision millennial eruption record for Mt Taranaki using radiocarbon and paleosecular variation dating

Ben Simons
Understanding Strombolian eruption types in relation to vent conditions at Yasur Volcano, Vanuatu

August 2:

12:00 pm (302-130): Dr. Phil Shane, University of Auckland
Magmatic history of Red Crater, Tongariro: no two volcanoes alike

12:30 pm (302-130): Dr. Michael Rowe, University of Auckland
Recent Field Images from Ambae, Vanuatu

July 19: 

12:00 pm (302-130): Dr. Ingrid Ukstins, University of Iowa
The Largest Eruption on Earth


Additional Events:


September 20: Earth Science Seminar Series 2018

4:00 pm (302-G20): Exploring Sub-Surface Hazards

Dr. Ludmila Adam, University of Auckland
What’s the sound of a rock? A story of rock strength and subsurface processes

Dr. Ben Kennedy, University of Canterbury
Drilling into magma chambers in Iceland; Science, Geothermal energy, Education and Outreach opportunities


August 9-16: New Zealand Rutherford Lecture (Royal Society Te Apārangi)

Dr. Colin Wilson, Victoria University of Wellington
The Life and Times of Supervolcanoes

August 9, 5:30pm: North Shore Auckland, Albany Senior High School 536 Albany Highway , North Shore, Auckland 0632
August 14, 6:00pm: Auckland, Diocesan School for Girls Junior School Hall Clyde Street Epsom, Auckland isthmus, Auckland 1051
August 16, 5:30pm: South Auckland, Hawkins Theatre 13 Ray Small Drive Papakura, South Auckland, Auckland 2110

Royal Society Te Apārangi is proud to partner with GNS Science, EQC and Victoria University of Wellington in presenting the 2018 New Zealand Rutherford Lecture. Strong support from these organisations comes from the belief that New Zealanders will greatly benefit both from learning about and gaining a better awareness of this ‘sleeping’ giant (Taupō volcano) in our midst. From late July to early September, Professor Wilson will head to 22 towns and cities to explain the nature of supervolcanoes, the ways in which such volcanoes operate and can be studied, and whether the next eruption is still likely to take us by surprise.


August 15: Earth Science Ad Hoc Seminars

4:00 pm (303-G23/MLT1): Dr. John Dilles, Oregon State University
Tops & Bottoms of Porphyry Copper Deposits Revisited: from source magmas to lithocap alteration zones

Professor John Dilles will be visiting Auckland University as the 2018 Thayer Lindsay Lecturer of the Society of Economic Geologists. Professor Dilles is a top expert in economic geology, specializing in origins of metallic mineral deposits, especially porphyry copper and related deposits of western North America and South America. His research interest also extend to structural geology, igneous petrology, stable isotopes, and isotopic ages. Professor Dilles has made notable contributions in his field, and is a Fellow and Silver Medalist of the Society of Economic Geologists.


June 27: Origins of Magma 

11:00 am: Dr. James Scott, University of Otago
Plumbing the depths: The composition and fertility of the Zealandia mantle

 12:45 pm: Dr. Michael Rowe, University of Auckland
Se7en: A He isotope story of the Auckland Volcanic Field

1:05 pm: Dr. Ingrid Ukstins, University of Iowa
Untangling processes of magma origin and ascent for Cerro Overo mafic monogenetic volcanism, Chile

1:25 pm: Dr. Phil Shane, University of Auckland
Assembly and eruption of intra-plate basalt magmas in northern New Zealand from isotope and thermobarometry studies of crystals


VGP Fortnightly Talks (Semester I):

May 17: 

4:00 pm: Daniel Bertin, University of Auckland
Volcanic Hazards in Chile

May 3: 

4:00 pm: Dr. Cristian Montanaro, University of Auckland
Steam-driven eruption dynamics: Insights from field work and lab experiments

April 19: 

4:00 pm: Dr. Joel Baker, University of Auckland
Nature’s Hidden Vaults: Speleothem Records of (Super) Volcanic Eruptions, Climate, and Earthquakes



July 27: Magmatic Systems and Processes

4:00 pm: Dr. Terry Plank, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory – Columbia University
Volatiles and Volcanic Vigor

Professor Terry Plank (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory – Columbia University) will be visiting Auckland University, hosted by the School of Environment and Volcanology, Geochemistry, Petrology Research Group from Wed 26th-Friday 28th of July as the Geological Society of America James B. Thompson Distinguished International Lecturer. Professor Plank is a world expert on magmatic systems and processes and her significant and lasting contributions to the field of Earth Sciences have been well recognized (Professor Plank is a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union, The Geochemical Society, the Geological Society of America, and the Mineralogical Society of America and since 2013 a member of the National Academy of Sciences). Prof. Plank is giving two talks (Thurs and Fri from 4-5) titled “Volatiles and Volanic Vigor” (Thurs) and “How Hot? How Deep? Solving for the Geotherm in Melting Regions Under Continents” (Friday). Both talks are held in the MLT3 (303-101) lecture hall from 4-5pm.  In addition, Dr. Plank is available, and wants to meet with students and staff to discuss research, either one-on-one or in groups on Friday July 28th.