Volcanology featured image: pāhoehoe lava flows created at Syracuse University’s Lava Project (New York, USA). Credit and project: PhD Candidate Sophia Tsang.


Ludmila Adam

Current Projects

Deciphering volcano seismic signatures from scaled laboratory models (PhD Student James Clarke)

Physical properties of altered volcanic rocks and their effect of rock strength and dome collapse (PhD Student Shreya Jagdish Kanakiya)

Fracture and mineral characterization from geophysical well logs and core: Ngatamariki Geothermal Field

Elastic wave behaviour in geothermal metamorphic host rocks (PhD Student Pablo Aguilera Bustos)


Danielle Charlton

Current Projects:

Multi-agency volcanic hazard mapping framework for New Zealand


Shane Cronin

Current Projects:

Understanding over-water base surge deposits from Rangitoto (also geochemistry and petrology-focused)

Mayor Island explosive volcanology (also geochemistry and petrology-focused)

Understanding climate-forcing eruptions (also geochemistry and petrology-focused)

Crystal studies of Taranaki magma-assembly and rise (also geochemistry and petrology-focused)

Hydrothermal eruptions in CNI geothermal fields

Eruption column stability at Mt. Ruapehu

New insights from effusive and explosive eruptive products of the parasitic cone on Taranaki (Panitahi/ Fanthams Peak) to better understand the relationship between the parasitic cone and the summit (PhD student Lena Ray, also geochemistry focused)

Discovery of a climate forcing eruption at Kuwae, Vanuatu (PhD student Sönke Stern, also geochemistry focused)


Jan Lindsay

Current Projects:

Cost-benefit analysis applied to crisis decision making (PhD student Alec Wild, with Postdoctoral fellow Mary Anne Thompson)

Rehabilitation of pasture following volcanic ash falls (PhD student Seethal Silvarajan, with Shane Cronin)

Lava flow hazard in urban environments (PhD student Sophia Tsang, with Giovanni Coco)

Volcanic Hazard in the Central Andean back arc (PhD student Daniel Bertin, with Shane Cronin)

Building a better crisis volcanic hazard map (Postdoctoral fellow Mary Anne Thompson)

Global trends in volcanic hazard maps, and good-practice considerations for volcanic hazard mapping (Postdoctoral fellow Mary Anne Thompson and PhD student Daniel Bertin)


James Muirhead

Current Projects:

Impact of rift-tectonics on volcanic cone distributions at Marsibit Volcano, Kenya (collaborators: S. Mana of Salem State University, USA; student: C. Van Hazinga BScH)

Magma transport dynamics within the feeder systems to monogenetic volcanic fields (currently looking for postgraduate students!)

Earthquake precursors to large silicic eruptions at Lake Taupo (currently looking for postgraduate students!)

Magma-climate-tectonic interactions in the East African Rift System (collaborators: C.Scholz and R. Moucha of Syracuse University, USA; students: L.Wright, PhD, A Langhans, PhD, M.Pacgia, MSc)


Michael Rowe

Current Projects:

Crystallinity and chemistry of transitioning phreatomagmatic- magmatic eruption styles (Nathan Collins MSc)

The 2018 eruption of Ambae volcano, Vanuatu (joint with G. Kilgour GNS).

Magma ascent and degassing in the Auckland Volcanic Field (joint with J. Lindsay; Elaine Smid PhD)

Melt inclusions as a ‘window’ through the crust: What drives the most productive region of silicic volcanism on Earth (Funded Marsden project- S. Barker PI, Rowe AI)


Phil Shane

Current Projects:

Eruption histories of Tongariro andesite volcanoes (Graduate Student Kate Cocker, also geochemistry-focused)

Eruption and magmatic processes at Taranaki volcano (Looking for new students!)