VGP Staff Members


Dr. Ludmila Adam

Mila is the head of the PORO (Physics Of ROcks) Lab, where they study how the physical properties of rocks are reflected in geophysical signatures by combining laboratory experiments, geophysical well logs and field data.  PORO investigate how elastic waves and electrical resisitivity can decipher the micro- to macro-structure and physical properties of rocks.



Professor Joel Baker

Joel’s research interests include geochemistry, isotope geochemistry, igneous petrology and geochronology.


Dr. Danielle Charlton

Danielle’s research interests include: volcanic hazard mapping, GIS, web tools, natural hazard management and communication.  Danielle’s current research looks into developing new co-produced volcanic hazard maps for New Zealand


Professor Shane Cronin

Shane’s current research involves volcanic geology, geochemistry and hazards of volcanoes across New Zealand, Indonesia, Mexico, Vanuatu, and Saudi Arabia.


Dr. Jennifer Eccles

Jennifer Eccles is a geophysicist who has had occasion to study volcanoes and volcano-tectonics from her PhD on the rifting of the North Atlantic and associated Large Igneous Province to more recent involvement in DEVORA and the active volcanism of Yasur Volcano, Vanuatu.


Dr. Catherine Kenedi

Kate works a course designer for the first year Earth Science course in the School of Environment and contributing to teaching other courses.



Professor Jan Lindsay

Jan’s research focuses on making society more resilient to volcanic hazards through improving understanding of magmatic and volcanic processes, and developing and testing techniques for better communication between scientists and stakeholders to ensure efficient uptake of hazard and risk research.


Dr. James Muirhead

James’ research adopts field, remote sensing, geochemical, and rock magnetic techniques to examine the magmatic-tectonic processes impacting continental break-up, magmatic degassing, and development of volcanic feeder systems, as well as associated natural hazards and climate interactions.



Dr. Michael Rowe

Mike’s background is primarily in basalt geochemistry of subduction zones and continental rifts, but uses geochemistry and mineralogy to track “fluid” interaction and mineralogical changes through geologic and environmental systems with collaborations across the Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Geophysics, and Engineering. His research spans from the mantle, to the environment, to planetary systems but at present is primarily in four (4) clusters; 1) metasomatic processes in the mantle; 2) melt inclusions and mineral chemistry in volcanic systems, 3) volatile degassing/exsolution and crystallization relationships in magmatic systems; 4) mineral reactions and geochemistry in surface and near-surface environments.


Associate Professor Phil Shane

Phil investigates the histories of volcanoes for the purpose understanding why they erupt and forecasting likely future precursor and eruption phenomena. Studies include eruptive geochronology, and crystal-scale records of magma formation and ascent.


Associate Professor Ian Smith

Ian’s research interest is in using geochemistry to understand the behavior of volcanic systems. He is currently working on projects in New Zealand and Saudi Arabia.



Dr. Mary Anne Thompson

Mary-Anne’s research interests span across natural hazard and risk communication, volcanic hazard and risk assessment, and transdisciplinary approaches to hazard, risk, and resilience research.


Dr. Benjamin Simons

Ben’s research interests focus around physical volcanology and monitoring of active volcanoes. He is currently working on projects in New Zealand and Vanuatu. Ben is the Networks Lead for the Urban Theme of the Resilience to Nature’s Challenges Project.


VGP PhD Students


Pablo Aguilera


Daniel Bertin


Kate Cocker


David Farsky


Shreya Kanakiya


Jeffery Lang


Emily Limage


Lena Ray


Mai Sas


Seethal Sivarajan


Elaine Smid


Sönke Stern


Sneha Suresh


Alec Wild


Jie Wu