Geochemistry featured image: stalagmite from Ann’s Cave in Waitomo, New Zealand. Credit and project: PhD Student Sneha Suresh.


Shane Cronin

Current Projects:

Understanding over-water base surge deposits from Rangitoto (also volcanology and petrology-focused)

Mayor Island explosive volcanology (also volcanology and petrology-focused)

Undersdanding climate-forcing eruptions (also volcanology and petrology-focused)

Rise rates of magmas through diffusion studies (also petrology-focused)

Crystal studies of Taranaki magma-assembly and rise (also volcanology and petrology-focused)

New insights from effusive and explosive eruptive products of the parasitic cone on Taranaki (Panitahi/ Fanthams Peak) to better understand the relationship between the parasitic cone and the summit (PhD student Lena Ray, also volcanology focused)

Discovery of a climate forcing eruption at Kuwae, Vanuatu (PhD student Sönke Stern, also volcanology focused)


Jan Lindsay

Current Projects:

Magma sources and ascent rates in volcanic fields (PhD student Elaine Smid, with Michael Rowe, also petrology-focused)

Enigmatic dacites in northern New Zealand (with Michael Rowe, also petrology-focused)


James Muirhead

Current Projects:

Constraining the flux of magma and magmatic CO2 during early-stage rifting in East Africa (collaborators: T. Fischer of University of New Mexico, USA, J. Dufek of University of Oregon, USA, E.Kazimoto of University of Dar es Salaam; students: A. Laizer, MSc)

Magmatic CO2 release in the Central Kenya Rift, East Africa (currently looking for postgraduate students!)


Michael Rowe

Current Projects:

Dendrochemistry applications to archaeology, volcanology, and climate (Mike Caffin MSc)

Geochemistry of geothermal deposits and their relation to the origin of life on land (joint with K. Campbell, M. Van Kranendonk; Laura Penrose MSc)

Analysis of amorphous and partially amorphous materials by X-ray diffraction (J. Li MSc)

Metasomatism and hydration of the mantle (S. Wang MSc; A. Johnson BScH; J. Hammond BScH)

Melt inclusions as a ‘window’ through the crust: What drives the most productive region of silicic volcanism on Earth (Funded Marsden project- S. Barker PI, Rowe AI)

Superhot fluids: The origin and flux of natural greenhouse gases in volcanic Areas (Funded Marsden project-I Chambefort PI, Rowe AI)

Noble gas geochemistry of Taupo Volcanic Zone volcanic materials (joint with I. Chambefort GNS; David Farsky PhD)

Surface gas emissions across the Taupo Volcanic Zone (joint with I. Chambefort GNS, Jimmy Yang PhD)

Raingarden phytoremediation (joint with L. Padhye, Kien Tat Wai PhD)


Phil Shane

Current Projects:

Eruption histories of Tongariro andesite volcanoes (PhD Student Kate Cocker, also volcanology-focused)