Petrology featured image: thin section image of the Great Abitibi Dyke (Ontario, Canada). 10x, cross-polarized light. Credit and project: PhD Candidate Mai Sas.


Shane Cronin

Current Projects:

Understanding over-water base surge deposits from Rangitoto (also volcanology and geochemistry-focused)

Mayor Island explosive volcanology (also volcanology and geochemistry-focused)

Undersdanding climate-forcing eruptions (also volcanology and geochemistry-focused)

Rise rates of magmas through diffusion studies (also geochemistry-focused)

Crystal studies of Taranaki magma-assembly and rise (also volcanology and geochemistry-focused)


Jan Lindsay

Current Projects:

Magma sources and ascent rates in volcanic fields (PhD student Elaine Smid, with Michael Rowe, also geochemistry-focused)

Enigmatic dacites in northern New Zealand (with Michael Rowe, also geochemistry-focused)


James Muirhead

Current Projects:

Testing competing models for the origin and magma transport dynamics of the Columbia River LIP (currently looking for postgraduate students!, collaborators: M. Streck of Portland State University, USA, J. Wolff of Washington State University, USA)


Michael Rowe

Current Projects:

Construction of a transcrustal magmatic system in the Jemez Mountains leading to caldera forming eruptions (joint with S Cronin; Jie Wu PhD)

Metasomatism and hydration of the mantle (S. Wang MSc; A. Johnson BScH; J. Hammond BScH)

Noble gas geochemistry of Taupo Volcanic Zone volcanic materials to understand contributions to surface emissions (joint with I. Chambefort GNS; David Farsky PhD)

Melt inclusions as a ‘window’ through the crust: What drives the most productive region of silicic volcanism on Earth (Funded Marsden project- S. Barker PI, Rowe AI)


Phil Shane

Current Projects:

Eruption and magmatic processes at Taranaki volcano (Looking for new students!)

Thermobarometry of magmas from crystal-melt equilibria

Micro-isotopic zoning for crystals in magma