Short field trip to Mt Taranaki

Last weekend (10.-12. Jan) a group of students went with field leader Dr. Geoffrey Lerner on a short field trip to Mt Taranaki. The field trip covered interesting outcrops of volcanic deposits as well as a hike on Taranaki itself.

During the first day we visited the Puke Ariki museum in New Plymouth and later in the day we hiked up on Paritutu Rock with an amazing view on Mt Taranaki. Paritutu Rock is the remnant of an old volcano.

The second day was focused on various deposits from Taranaki volcano and previous volcanoes in the area. For the first stop we visited the Stoney River to inspect some Lahar deposits and interpret possible scenarios. The second stop was at Dawson Falls where we looked at various tephra outcrops and of course a beautiful water fall. After a scenic drive around Taranaki we had one last stop at Corbett Park (Oakura) along the beach. There we had an perfectly exposed outcrop of the Maitahi debris avalanche  probably caused by a sector collapse of an old volcanic edifice. At the end of the day we paid a visit to the light festival in New Plymouth.

On the third and final day we hiked up on Mt Taranaki to the Tahurangi Lodge at an elevation of 1500 m. Along the hike we examined lava flows and ash layers.

This trip was organized and planned by Dr. Geoffrey Lerner and Michaela Dobson. Thank you for your efforts to make this trip an amazing weekend for everyone.


Group photo taken from our first stop on top of Paritutu Rock with Mt Taranaki in the background.

Picture in front of Dawson Falls with all participants of this field trip.

More impressions from the fieldtrip.


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  • July 4, 2023 at 7:03 pm

    Who organized and led the field trip to Mt Taranaki?

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    Tel U


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